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Best Advertising Agencies In Ghana

In today’s fast-paced world of business and technology, everyone is trying to get their business ahead and in front of their users and consumers one way or the other. Be it a service you offer or products you sell, you will want to have people know about it, and you cannot reach the masses going door to door. To accomplish that the easier way, you can employ the help of advertising agencies that will make putting your business or service right in our faces through various digital means. 

Advertising agencies are sometimes referred to as creative or Ad agencies. They are dedicated to fully handling, creating, planning, and executing how your ads will run and be displayed to your clients and target audience.

Role Of Advertising Agencies In Ghana

  • Doing research on the companies product/service
  • Come up with social media strategies to help improve your business
  • Planning what type of media will be used
  • Planning when and where such media will be used
  • Creating ads on an informational basis to market your product/service

These are just a few activities some of the advertising agencies in Ghana do for your business. One might say, most companies can do this on their own. Make ads, print them, have them shown on television or aired over the radio, so why do you need an advertising agency. This is why;

  • They Identify opportunities for your company
  • They have more in house experts
  • They are more objective when choosing a marketing Technique
  • They can negotiate lower media rates
  • They have more relationships at media outlets

There are a thousand and one more reasons why you should hire an advertising agency to help handle your business’s social media and marketing campaigns.

Now that we know what advertising agencies in Ghana do, and why most companies need to look into getting the services of these Ad agencies, let us take a look at some of the best digital agencies in Ghana.

  • Social Ghana
    Social Ghana Best Advertising Agencies In Ghana

Social Ghana is one of the leading advertising agencies in Ghana right now. The award-winning dedicated creative agency focuses mostly on social media marketing and advertising. Working with brands like Fanmilk Ghana, Melcom, Phil & Joe, Ghana Maritime Authority, and many more well-known brands in the country. 

Social Ghana has a creative team made up of digital strategists, content creators, copywriters, photographers, videographers, and also account managers that liaise between clients and the company when working on projects. This Ad agency works on a monthly retainer basis and will help you and your business get the exposure you looking for.

  • Command-Space
    Command-Space, Best Advertising Agencies In Ghana

Command-Space is a multinational digital marketing agency that is focused on analytics and data-driven result-based campaigns to achieve business growth. Since commencing operations in April 2020 Command-Space has grown rapidly to become the pioneer in the digital space in Ghana, while with various clients in Africa and Europe. With a team spread across three countries, their structured approach to helping solve your business’s social and digital issues has made them a favorite amongst many companies, especially in the real estate industry. 

Their services include;

  • Social Media marketing
  • Digital marketing and SEO
  • Affiliate & Retention marketing
  • Strategy, Branding, Optimization, and Analysis.

If you are looking for a fast-paced agile team to elevate the online presence of your business and give it a whole new look, command-space is your go-to Agency.

Some of their top clients include Eden Heights, Magnolia Realty, Beauty Distro, Jahmale Medical Solutions, Earl beam Realty, Girl Code and Short Stay Ghana amongst many others.

Command-Space is definitely one of the leading advertising agencies in Ghana, and their track record proves this and does all the talking.

  • CliqAfrica
    CliqAfrica, Best Advertising Agencies In Ghana

Cliq Africa is yet another award-winning agency on our list of Agencies in Ghana that focus not only on Social media marketing but also web designing, branding, and search engine optimization. Since 2013, they have grown their team to become one of the few digital agencies in Ghana that are always part of the conversation that aims to be one of the best in Africa. Cliq Africa has a very young team of enthusiastic creatives that are full of amazing ideas to bring to your business and always discovering new ways to improve how social media marketing is done in general.

Some of Clique Africa’s clients include Oak plaza hotel, Ashfoam, Ecobank, and Koppan Ghana limited. If you are looking for an agency to help improve your social media presence, they are definitely one to consider.

  • Origin8
    Origin8, Best Advertising Agencies In Ghana

Origin 8 is one of the oldest agencies on our list today. Since commencing in 1998 they continue to build on their success both locally and internationally. Origin 8 has always looked to unveil creativity that speaks to the mind, sight, and hearing of the world, and on this vision, they have stood on for many years to produce some of the amazing works they do. 

The award-winning Agency has worked with numerous well-known brands in Ghana and has offered services across, social media marketing, branding, tv commercials, website designing, and public relations amongst others.

Some of their most notable clients being UBA bank, Ghacem cement, GNPC, NBC, and many more. Origin 8 is definitely one of the top digital marketing agencies in Ghana with an amazing team of creative professionals.

These are just a few notable agencies we identified and shared with you, nevertheless, there are many more top advertising and digital agencies out there that do incredible works. Some honorable mentions include. 

  • Innova DDB
  • Effects Studios
  • Thumbnails media
  • Bensyl Advertising

We now have our list of some top agencies to work with if you need their services, but then how do you select which agency you will like to work with?

Factors to Consider When Choosing An Advertising Agency

  • Services On Offer

It is very essential to view the types of Ads and non-Ads services being offered by these companies. Depending on your needs and the extent to which the Ad needs to run, you can choose to go with a small or larger agency. Certain advertising agencies specialize in running paid Ads and services, while other focus more on organic methods. Based on this and the plan and budget of your business you can narrow the agencies down to choose from.

  • Size Of The Agency

In most cases around the world, the bigger the agency, the better the quality of services being delivered. Having an agency that operated on a larger scale with more in-house creatives at their disposal, it is pretty obvious they have the necessary professionals to execute your project perfectly. If you are working with a large budget and looking to run campaigns across various platforms and different mediums, it is best to consult larger agencies as they might possibly have the right connections to help you do that.

  • Number Of Clients

Almost every agency has an online portfolio on its website. Take your time to go through and view the existing clients being handled by the agency. Some experts advise avoiding agencies that are working with clients that are offering the same services like you to avoid the agency in order to avoid the occurrence of repetitive work and exchange of crucial business information with the competitor.

  • Reviews

Research has shown that reviews go a long way to helping customers and consumers make decisions on purchasing an item or service. Take your time to scout the internet, look at what people are saying about the agencies you have shortlisted to work with. If they are doing a pretty decent job they will be talked about online. A clear example is how social media went into a frenzy when social Ghana took over the Fanmilk social media page with some very creative Ads and concepts. Reviews and positive comments are definitely something to look out for.    

  • Cost and Quality

You need to factor in cost when deciding on an agency. Some agencies have on average a very low-cost system but will affect the quality of the service they provide whereas there are agencies with relatively higher pricing systems but will give you a run for your money. And normally these companies have built a reputation with their customer relationship over a period and so has the trust. They often get referrals as well and since many are after quality they don’t mind patronizing from such agencies.

These are some of the important factors to consider when choosing an agency to work with. We do hope you enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two about advertising agencies in Ghana. Do let us know what you think in the comments below and mention your favorite agency

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