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Best Web design companies In Ghana

Command-Space has had the privilege of designing and developing numerous websites for clients in Ghana and other parts of the world. There are countless companies that still exist without websites – big and small, but we cannot do them all as there are many other web design companies in Ghana you can look to hire if you think we are the perfect fit to get the job done.

Today we are going to be looking at a number of other web designing companies in Ghana that can take on your project and do a good job at that.

As an organization or e-commerce business, there is no single aspect of marketing your product or services more than a quality website. This is the front door to your business and you don’t just need a “Good website”, – What you need is a “Great website”.

In today’s world, with the help of several third-party tools and apps, it is very easy to create your own website. Thousands of templates to choose from and edit right off the shelf. But if you want to stand and differentiate yourself from the competitive landscape online, you need to have a website as unique as you and your business.

So, What makes a great website?

  • Functionality and Design

Your website is a reflection of your products, company, your services, and most importantly your brand. Your site needs to be appealing visually and look professional, but a good-looking website does not just make the cut. More importantly, does it work, is it responsive, does it load fast or slow, and does all the links on the website work perfectly when clicked on? 

  • Optimized For Mobile

You should spare no expense when developing your website. The growth of mobile users keeps growing year by year and a lot of people interact with online businesses through their mobile phones than desktops. Having a website that is not well optimized for mobile is preparing to fail.

  • Responsive

A modern need for website development is responsiveness. Responsive websites change layouts to fit the browser and device being used by your clients/customers.

Example. You may see when browsing on a specific site, you have more options available on desktop than on mobile. 

  • Clear Call To Actions

Every website has to guide its visitors to take any action, be it signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, sharing an article, or requesting a quote on your website. If you do not ask anything of your visitors, they will surely do nothing.

  • Optimized For SEO

After building your beautiful website, you will need to get some traffic and visitors to your website. There are a number of guidelines to help you optimize your website for better search engines.

  • Use meta titles and tags on all your pages
  • Use alt tags for your images
  • Use appropriate keywords for each page and links
  • Optimize your web content with words people actually search for.

These are just a few tips to help you as there are hundreds of guidelines and SEO rules to follow for better optimization.

Hopefully, the extensive overview shared will be helpful to you in getting more value for your future website development plan. 

Finally, we can share our list of some of the best web design companies in ghana.

Do note this list does not contain all the website development companies in Ghana and this list does not take away from any other web development companies out there. We did our own research and based on their experience, a number of projects worked on and the type of clients, we came up with this list. 

List Of The Best Website Design Companies in Ghana

  • DreamOval

 dreamoval website developers ghana

Dreamoval is one of the top web development companies in Ghana since operations began back in 2007.  They specialize in financial transactions in Africa. DreamOval has been developing large payment and collection ecosystems for governmental and financial institutions with complex operations. They are also the developers of Slydepay, Smartgrid, and Billbox.

DreamOval has worked with numerous top clients such as Ashesi University, Decathlon, Star Assurance, Ghana embassy In France, The Electoral Commission of Ghana, Ghana Commercial bank, and Fidelity Bank.

  • Kava Media 

Kava Media is another leading web design and development company in Ghana to take note of and also consider working with. Kava has an amazing portfolio of several websites they have designed and developed. Aside from website development Kava Media also does branding and creative design, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

Their team of website developers has worked on several award winnings companies and brands like Allied oil, National Investment Bank, Petra Trust, Alliance Motors Ghana, ICGC Arizona, DBA oil and Gas, and many more. The list goes on and on, take time to visit their website for a quote on your projects.


  • Effects Studio

Effects Studios web design agency

Effects Studios is not just a web design company but they also specialize in digital creativity. With an amazing team of designers and illustrators, they provide a wide range of services that include branding, web design, content creation, mobile development, and much more.

Since commencing business in 2016 they have grown their portfolio and have been trusted to work with top brands in Ghana such as Total Ghana, Drivers, and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Accra city Hotel, and more.


  • Websoft Ghana 

Websoft solutions is an IT company with a focus on developing products and services tailored to your business or service. With more than 9yrs experience in the website development space, they have a team of highly qualified designers and developers that will work together to deliver to you the website tailored just for you.

Their main focus on services includes; Software development, Interactive multimedia and website designing, and development.

Websoft has worked with numerous top clients in Ghana such as; Prudential bank, Heritage Bank, Uni Bank, Exim Bank, First Atlantic Bank, UMB capital, UPSA, and Starlife Assurance. 

Their portfolio contains many more clients worked with, so you can take some time to visit their website and get quotes for your next project and take a look yourself at some of their projects worked on.

  • Creative Bibini

Creative Bibini is a software company that focuses on Mobile app development, web design, digital marketing and strategy, and design.

Creative Bibini builds both web apps and websites for small, medium, and large enterprises. Their mantra is to build you a robust web system and not compromise the design to deliver you a total package to solve your web needs

Their awesome team of developers and designers will help you bring your amazing business online with a wonderful finished project.

They have worked with companies like; Data Bank, Ghana Education service, UK Ghana chamber of commerce, National health insurance, and many more clients across Ghana and the diaspora.

Although we would have loved to share more companies with you, this is all for today. You can find more web development companies in Ghana on Ghana Yellow

So there you go. Our top five when it comes to website designing and development in Ghana. However, this does not take away from other companies out there as we are unable to visit each and every one of your sites to see what you been working on.

We will like to hear from you as well. If you believe you deserve to be on this list, shoot us an email or leave a comment below.

We do hope you enjoyed our list of companies when it comes to website development in Ghana. 

You can also contact us now if you are looking to start working on a project for your business.

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