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Digital Marketing Agencies In Ghana

To find the best digital marketing agency in Ghana, first, we need to understand “what is digital marketing”, “will digital marketing benefit your business” and answer the question “how do I get more leads for my business?” – which should be the purpose of any marketing.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

To put it in simple terms, a digital marketing agency is a company or resource that provides a wide variety of marketing services. These services may include and are not restricted to; social media marketing, Search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and many more. 

Digital marketing agencies employ various strategies and tactics to help their clients and business attain their marketing goals. Usually, digital marketing agencies have a number of skilled creatives, skilled in various roles to help them accomplish all the above mentioned. Be it social media management, blog writing, or video production to be used online, there are teams within these agencies that attend to all of these. 

How do you select a digital marketing company to work with?

Now that we know what digital marketing agencies are, how do you select the best agency to work with?

This is pretty straightforward. The same way every business is different, the same applies to these marketing agencies. Digital marketing agencies usually specialize in one or two areas in their field, although they may be offering you a full package. 

So the best way to go about it is to understand your goals and objectives for your business and check to see if the agency you have in mind has specialties in that field and you can begin removing those that don’t tick the box.

Once you are done with that, you can go ahead to take a look at the portfolios of the agencies that you have left on your list. Some of the best Online advertising companies in Ghana showcase their clients and projects they have worked on and this should give you a fair idea of their capabilities and experience in the field.

You can use this to further reduce the list of agencies you are considering. Next thing is to check for social proof and a strong industry reputation. Check for Google ratings and their social media feeds, as a smart digital agency will know the importance of displaying social proof.

These quick steps can help you quickly make a decision on which agency best fits your project.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let us take a quick look at 5 of the top Digital marketing agencies in Ghana.

Innova DDB Ghana

Innova DDB is an award-winning digital agency that has been around for a long time. They have an amazing company culture that makes it a fun and engaging workplace and is full of amazing creatives. At Innova DDB, they believe in “No Two Brands Are Alike” and strive to provide you with the best possible services they can offer.

Their services include;

  • Brand and marketing consulting
  • Event organizing 
  • Market research
  • Strategic planning
  • PR services
  • Advertising and sales promotions

Innova DDB has worked with quite several top companies, both local and abroad, some of which include; MTN, Ghana Commercial Bank, Lucozade, Puma, and USAid amongst others. Their track record goes a long way to speak on the good digital marketing and branding services they provide to their clients and it is justifiable to have them on our list of one of the top digital marketing agencies in Ghana.

Effects Studios

Effects studios is a 360 digital agency that offers a wide variety of services to its clients. If you are looking to develop a website, mobile app, run a digital campaign or PR campaign, effects studios got you covered. Due to their wide range of services, they have amassed quite the clientele in Ghana.

Effects studio has an amazing creative team that will help you achieve all your digital marketing goals and successfully run you through your campaign. Some of their top clients include Total Ghana, Unique floral services, DVLA Ghana, GT Bank, and CH group of companies.

In their own words, Effects Studios looks to help create, develop and grow your business with you every step of the way and do make it into our list of the best digital marketing agencies in Accra Ghana.


Command-Space is one of Ghana’s leading digital growth agencies that focus on delivering value to their clients and elevating brands. Command-Space has some of the most experienced professionals when it comes to Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and web development.

Their highly skilled and creative team of professionals has worked on many projects in Africa and Europe and has received many recommendations and positive reviews from their clients and peers. 

Command – SPace is a KPI-driven agency that focuses on setting out clear and definitive targets for your business to achieve all of your business objectives.

When it comes to working ethics, Command-Space is second to none. All targets and deadlines are met on time and this is due to the fast-paced agile team that has a fluid workflow to deliver value and always up to date with modern marketing strategies and trends. Command-Space has worked on several projects, from well renowned real estate companies to restaurants, investment firms, and law firms as well. Some of their clients include; ARK Legal, Afrique Investments, Eden Heights, Magnolia Africa, Goldilocks Grill, Earl Beam group of companies, and many more.

If you are looking for the best marketing agency in Ghana to provide solutions to all your digital marketing problems, look no further than command-space.


CliqAfrica is another amazing marketing agency that was founded in 2013 and has been in the digital marketing business for several years. They have a young passionate team of creatives that work alongside their clients to get the job done. 

Cliq Africa offers several services including;

  • Online Advertisement
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Brands Analytics and Reporting
  • Digital Training Service
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Clique Africa also offers skill-based training to university students across Ghana, on the opportunities on the internet like web design and digital marketing. If you will like to be part of this you can follow them on their social channels to be updated.

They have worked with many companies such as; Ecobank, Unika, Ashfoam, and Oak Plaza hotel. Clique Africa is definitely on top there with all the other top marketing agencies in Ghana.

Aquity Media

Aquity Media is an online marketing and advertising agency in Ghana that helps its clients and businesses find prospects and help convert these prospects to clients. They have been in the digital marketing space for over 6 years and during this period have worked with quite some big-name brands and clients like; Jumia, Google, Enterprise Insurance, Webster University, several, and the Octagon Accra Central.

Aquity Media has a diverse team and once you sign up with them, depending on your project, you have access to their 

  • Media Strategy & Media Buy Teams
  • Market & Product Activation Teams
  • Videography & Photography Teams
  • Fabrication & Installation Teams.

One of the best digital marketing agencies in Ghana at the moment, Aquity media is the final agency on our list for today. That does not mean there are not more advertising and marketing agencies out there. 

This is the list we chose to go with, but you can also leave your recommendations and comments below and we will see how your agency fares in our next edition of ranking the top digital marketing companies in Ghana

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