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30th November, 2023

5:30 PM — 9:30 PM

Target Market

— Emerging Marketers: The rising stars in the digital marketing arena.

— Tech Innovators: Those at the cutting edge of technology solutions.

— Investment Visionaries: Individuals and firms looking to invest in the next big tech idea.

— Policy Makers: The minds shaping the digital landscape.

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Benefits For Sponsors

Direct ENgagement

Access to an engaged, industry specific audience.

Brand Presence

Amplified visibility through cobranding and media mentions.

Knowledge Exchange

Direct insights into industry needs and trends.

Community Appreciation

Recognition as a brand that supports industry growth and networking.

Why You Should Become A Sponsor

What is the Digital Tech Mixer?

The Digital Tech Mixer is a prime networking event powered by Command Space, where the crème de la crème of the digital and tech sectors in Ghana converge. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a celebration of innovation and future-shaping.

Why should your company sponsor this event?

By partnering, you will be aligning your brand with excellence and forward-thinking in the tech world. Your commitment to this industry’s growth will be evident and the impressions you will make on key decision-makers and potential partners are invaluable.

How will this sponsorship benefit your brand exposure?

As a sponsor, your brand will stand out in a sea of digital and tech influencers. From digital promotions to event materials, your brand will shine brightly, forging a deep connection with industry leaders and innovators.

Is this event relevant to your niche within the tech industry?

Absolutely! The Digital Tech Mixer is tailored to be inclusive of all niches within the tech industry. It’s a melting pot of ideas, strategies and innovations. If you’re in tech, this event is about your future.

What kind of audience can you expect at the event?

Expect a curated audience of passionate professionals: from emerging digital marketers, tech entrepreneurs, to influential policymakers, Employers and people looking for job opportunities. It’s a gateway to engage with the minds shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow.

How can sponsorship at the Digital Tech Mixer drive our ROI?

Beyond brand exposure, you’ll be building relationships. The partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities emerging from this event can significantly amplify your ROI in ways traditional advertising can’t.

How does the Digital Tech Mixer differ from other tech events?

Command Space’s ethos is about redefining standards and championing excellence. This mixer is a testament to that—ensuring not just networking, but a holistic experience that inspires, educates, and connects.

What opportunities exist for product or service demonstrations?

As a sponsor, there are tailored opportunities for you to engage attendees with hands-on experiences, ensuring that the impact of your products/services is deeply felt and remembered.

How will our involvement as a sponsor be recognized?

Beyond logo placements and mentions, we celebrate our sponsors as partners in vision. Expect special acknowledgments, opportunities to address the audience and the possibility of your CEO speed networking with the audience.

Are there tailored sponsorship packages available?

Yes, we offer a range of sponsorship packages, and we’re open to customizing them to ensure they align seamlessly with your brand’s objectives and vision.

By becoming a sponsor, you aren’t just supporting an event; you’re investing in the future of tech in Ghana and aligning your brand with a vision of excellence and innovation.

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